Makeup Artistry

MAC pro student

Learn the art of Makeup By the state board licensed instructor. Lakshmi has been into the world of makeup since she was in high school. 

 Your Professional Image

-Why study professional image?
-Your professional image and your attitude
-In-depth information about image enhancers (1-7) and activities for each one
-In-depth information about creating your personal portfolio 

Infection Control
-Why study infection control?

-Principles of prevention (decontamination methods, disinfectants, cleaning towels, lines, and capes, caring for crushes, handling single-use supplies, hand washing, waterless hand sanitizers)
-Universal and standard precautions (an exposure incident-contact with blood or body fluid)
-Your professional responsibility

 Tools of the Trade
-Why study tools of the trade?

-In-depth information about brushes (brush hair types, brush types and uses)
-Utensils (brow accessories, eyelash curlers, blotting paper, sharpeners, palettes)
-In-depth information about single-use tools
-Makeup classes

Color Theory
-Why study color theory?

-The Color Wheel (hue, primary colors, pure color, secondary colors, tertiary colors, complementary colors, analogous colors)
-Color temperature (warm, cool, neutral, client color choices)
-Color saturation (tint, shade, tone)
-Color harmony
-Theory and hands-on activities with color during theory class and in makeup workshop

Everyday Makeup Application
-Why study everyday makeup application?

-Tool checklist (understand and list all tools for makeup application)
-Product checklist (understand and list all products for basic makeup application)
-Alternatives for the Everyday Application

Creating the Canvas
-Why study creating the canvas?

-Preparing the skin (cleanser, toners, moisturizer, makeup remover)
-Special considerations
-Facial shapes
-Types of products and their application related to facial shapes
-The Three-Part Procedure
-Procedures (Note: the majority of these hours will be spent in hands-on makeup workshops focusing on client safety, proper procedures, and proper client care) 

Client Consultation/Facial Features (prior to workshops)
-Why study client consultations?

-Making a good first impression
-The consultation form
-Evaluating a client’s features and characteristics (cosmetic treatment card)

Makeup for the Aging Skin Theory
-Why study makeup for aging skin?

-Challenges of aging skin
-Tools and products for mature skin
-Application tips for mature skin
-Color choices for mature skin
-Special considerations

Makeup for Men
-Why study makeup for men?

-The male facial structure
-Working with facial hair
-Products for men
-Special considerations
-Facial scars and pigmentation 

Makeup for Teens Theory
-Why study makeup for teens?

-Consulting with a teen clients
-Skin care basics for teens
-Makeup basics for teens
-Makeup for blemished skin
-Prom makeup

The Business of Makeup Theory
-Why study the business of makeup theory

-The earning potential of a professional makeup artist
-Career options